The war on digital information liberation is reaping its first victims

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Published on: January 13, 2013

Aaron Swartz – the co-creator of solid web services as RSS and Reddit and notorious liberator of information – was found death this morning in his place in an apparent suicide. What has pushed one of the top 5 young web entrepreneurs and geniuses to such drastic deed, you may wonder? Well, it has to do with the pending 35-years in jail felony charges, pressed on him for his acts of web activism. Aaron has done nothing short of heroism by persuading JSTOR – a long-time cold-hearted service – to start offering some of its contents free of charge. The policy was prompted by the massive liberation act by Aaron of some of its content.


In memorium Aaaron Swartz
















In case you did not noticed it – we are already in the midst of the first full-fledged, all-out war on digital information liberation. The war used to be of cold nature with the occasional Anonymous burst or flash mob. The real battle started with the battle against ACTA, PIPA, SOPA but it has brewed for the past two decades. It moved on with Jailing people for expressing their natural desire (and basic right) for more information. Sites such as Library.Nu and Megaupload were closed down (not by police force – since no police force has jurisdiction in information domain, but by political and corporate hand twisting of the hosting nations from the physical domain). And now its on! Its upon us and it is time to stand our ground (figuratively). It is time to state that the digital rights nomenclature – the very foundations of Old Capitalism – are the ones to take it appart. It is time to state a loud “Down with copy rights!” and it is time to create the new Capitalism 2.0 from the ashes of the old un-adaptive corporate world.

The new times have brought up new type of heroes – it is no longer the case that the important persons (the Franz Ferdinands of the war) are powerful in the physical domain. No, the heroes of the war are the non-stopping soldiers in the information domain.

R.I.P Aaron, You Will Be Avanenged!



P.S. UPDATE: Here is one sad note written over 10 years ago by Aaron himself. It not only settles his final will (forever living in the informational domain) but also shows the type of person he was. 


P.P.S UPDATE: The really bitter statement by Aaron’s family… 


P.P.P.S. UPDATE: There is a Tumblr page for remembrance of Aaron…


P.P.P.P.S. UPDATE: Another very nice post-mortem article on Aaron.


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