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Published on: April 10, 2012

“Vaxil Biotherapeutics Ltd. announced today positive interim results from its Phase I/II therapeutic cancer vaccine trial in Multiple Myeloma patients.
Vaxil is a private clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing a new class of synthetic T-cell vaccines based on its proprietary VaxHit technology. Vaxil’s lead product ImMucin is an anti-MUC1 therapeutic vaccine and is currently being evaluated in a Phase I/II clinical trial in Multiple Myeloma patients at Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem. ImMucin is potentially applicable to over 90% of all types of cancer, encompassing both solid and non-solid tumors. Vaxil is also developing another VaxHit derived vaccine, MTbuVax, for the treatment of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (MTb) which is in pre-clinical studies. Tuberculosis is one of the biggest causes of mortality worldwide. Recent years have seen a significant rise in the prevalence of treatment resistant TB, particularly in the developed world.”




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