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Date : June 2011

Terry Pratchett: Choosing To Die

Categories: Ethics & Law, Med & Neuro
Published on: June 11, 2011

How longer would we cope with Death? Without a doubt it is a question to which we would turn over and over again until we refuse the indignity to die from Natural causes (it is capital N because it is Nature to blame). And surely we will overcome death sooner that later. But the question[…]

Humans Keep Getting Faster; Why Not Horses?

Published on: June 11, 2011

(Some comments provoked by this article or at least by its title): http://www.thepostgame.com/features/201106/humans-keep-getting-faster-why-not-horses Shortest answer is “Duh!” This is one of those peripheral signs of technological progress that you notice but you never seem to notice. The original article only scratches the surface of the issue but one might as well read about Oscar Pistorius[…]

Antimatter – another field of accelerated progress

Categories: Energy, Space
Published on: June 8, 2011

A brief timeline of the discovery breakthrough: 1880s: the possibility of matter with negative gravity was discussed by William Hicks. 1880s – 1890s: Karl Pearson proposed the existence of negative matter in  the flow of aether. 1898: The term antimatter was first used by Arthur Schuster. He hypothesized antiatoms, whole antimatter solar systems and discussed[…]

Self-awareness in Organizations

Categories: AI, Biz
Published on: June 2, 2011

This is an ancient (4 years old) material that  is very informative and is general recommendation to everyone. It is an abstract of a lecture (Steve Omohundro at 2007 Singularity Summit) on the effects of self-improving AI. What is fascinating is the hint of how AI is perceived in an organizational context and what are the[…]

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