Why ‘Organic’?

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Published on: May 30, 2011

The mindless call to “go back to the wild” (which actually translates as “stop the progress”), has its natural (indeed!) nemesis. Going back to the organic/natural way leaves us vulnerable to the same natural elements and bio-chemistry agents which killed our ancestors (primate or human) and made their average life expectancy pitiful.

“The world’s biggest outbreak of a deadly form of E.coli bacteria has claimed another life as it continues to spread across Europe.
Health officials say the virus, believed to have originated from organic cucumbers imported from Spain, has killed 10 people and infected hundreds more in Germany.
The epicentre of the outbreak has been in the country’s north with more than 270 people contracting the disease in recent weeks – four times the normal annual figure of about 60. Three cases have also been reported in Britain , a further 25 in Sweden and seven in Denmark. In Austria there have been two cases, while the Netherlands and Switzerland have each had one suspected case.”

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